Annual Inspection & Pest Control Package For Your House

It's Great To Be Proactive!

Learn Why?

What's Covered

2x Pest Controls

Protect Your Home From Unwanted Pests With Customized Pest Control Treatment.

Effective For Bed Bug, Carpenter Ant, Cockroach, Wasp, Mouse, And More.

3x Home Inspections

Regular Home Inspections So That You Discover Problems Long Before They Appear.

Why Do You Need It

​You spent a lot in buying that house. Now, give it the love it deserves. With this package, you will be able to:

  • Discover problems in your house long before they actually appear. Addressing these problems before-hand is much cheaper compared to after they have occurred.

  • Sell you house at a much higher price with our 3x house inspection reports.

  • Keep those pests away from your house and keep it clean and safe for everyone.

The best thing is it comes at a price that is a fraction of your car insurance!



Got the house we were buying inspected from them. They clearly knew what could be problem areas and gave us a detailed report. Highly recommended.



We have subscribed to their annual maintenance package recently. Their inspection and pest control are timely and extensive.



Our last inspection company did not tell about a major issue with our house. Home Inspection Canada found a structural issue in our house as soon as they entered the premise.



Very helpful. They have got some sense that helps them identify issues where you can not imagine. We have used them on multiple occasions and are completely satisfied.


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